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LeBus supplies the space industry
with spooling systems to lift
heavy, sensitive equipment.

The LeBus System is invaluable in offshore drilling, and heavy earth moving equipment where steel
cable is used extensively.

Welcome to LeBus International

The "LeBus" name is known world wide as a leader in the art of spooling cable. The LeBus grooving pattern is beneficial anytime cable is wrapped on a drum in single or multiple layers. LeBus has products from the north to the south polar ice caps; from underground equipment to the aviation industry; from oil rigs and marine platforms to deep-sea diving equipment; from heavy earth moving equipment to sensitive lifting equipment in the space industry. Anytime cable is involved, LeBus can help.

We Specialize In:

  • Grooved Sleeves and Lagging
  • Fleet Angle Compensators
  • Diamond Screws and Pawls or Complete Levelwinds
  • Pressure Rollers
  • Custom Oilfield, Mining, and Marine Drums
  • Drums for the Crane, Logging, Utility, and Construction Industries
  • Custom Drums for Hi Torque, Low Speed Hydraulic Motor Drives
  • Overhead Crane Drums for Hydraulic Motor Drives and Gear Drives
  • Holding and Closing Drums for Steel Mills and Cement Industries
  • Storage Drums and Traction Wheels for Balloon
  • Launching Winches
  • Railroad Car Puller Drums
  • Draw Bridge Drums
  • Reservoir Dam Gate Hoist Drums
  • Large Brake Drums and Discs for Draglines
  • Winch Drums for the Oceanographic Industry
  • Custom Steel Cylinders
  • Custom Bearing Pillow Blocks and Crown Block Assemblies
  • Flame Hardening of drums, sleeves, and sheaves up to 500 BHN
  • Sheaves for the Oil, Mining, Marine, Crane, and Logging Industries


LeBus prides itself in our extensive rework capabilities to "Like New" conditions.

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