LeBus Built Drums

LeBus has long been a designer and manufacturer of drums of all sizes. We are currently a major supplier of many oilfield drums. We are capable of complete manufacture of drums from 4 inches in diameter up to 10 feet or better. They can range from just a few inches long to 40 feet overall length. We manufacture drums from carbon, stainless and alloy steels, and aluminum. We roll most cylinders in our own shop to whatever diameter, length, and thickness needed. We can manufacture drums with a grooved core or a grooved sleeve. Grooves can be made for almost any cable size.  LeBus also specializes in flame hardening helical grooved drums (and sleeves) to prolong the life of the groove in certain harsh condisions.  Contact our specialist for more information on drums and flame hardeneing.

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LeBus is also in the business of repairing drums. We have received worn out drums and refurbished them to a "like new" condition. We machine off existing grooves and install new grooved sleeves.  The new sleeves can be grooved with LeBus or helical grooving.  Replacement flame hardened sleeves are also available. Call for more information.

LeBus can also provide a drum core

The groove is cut directly into the body.
According to customers requirement, the flanges can then be welded or bolted.
The groove is available as LEBUS-groove or HELICAL-groove.
The drum core is provided with the requested mounting dimensions to fit the flanges by welding or bolting.
The completed flanges can be manufactured and mounted by LeBus, or entirely by the customer.

Plain drum core without groove.
Available as welding- or bolting-construction
Can be updated with LEBUS-Split-Sleeves.

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